JT Braun Construction Ltd. has a diversified group of personnel that are trained and experienced in various aspects of the building envelope repair and interior construction.

Our team of project managers and construction crew will meet your expectations of the project. We are committed to meeting your budget and timeline constraints and take all necessary steps to minimize the inconvenience to building occupants.

We want to be big enough to be able to meet the full range of our customers’ needs, but small enough for it to be about focusing on the work and our customers. For every project to be important.

Our customers trust us to help them secure important assets of theirs and to enhance their long-term value with quality, dependable workmanship. We believe that lasting value only comes from using quality materials and discerning craftsmanship - not only where it’s obvious, but also in those less obvious places where our clients should be able to trust our integrity and professionalism..


Weather in the Pacific Coast has the potential to infiltrate most buildings’ cladding, stucco, siding, windows, balconies, roofs, and parking garage. JT Braun Construction’s skilled crews do the job right: from flashing details, to finish carpentry. We work as a team with owners, Strata, Property managers, and engineers to ensure the best possible solution for each project. When the time comes to make repairs to your building envelope, trust JT Braun Construction.

Rework costs everyone- Money. Time. Reputation.

All building envelope projects involve choices and trade-offs. Taking shortcuts should never be thought of as the ideal solution. Making the longer term quality choice always, always pays off.

Our repair work typically includes the following:
  • Exterior wall cladding- stucco, EIFS, siding replacement
  • Decay repair.
  • Windows replacement with higher thermal performance.
  • Waterproofing membrane replacement.
  • Metal flashing fabrication and installation.
  • Balcony waterproofing membrane and railing replacement.
  • Roof waterproofing membrane replacement.
  • Below-grade concrete parking garage waterproofing repair and re-landscaping.




It is no secret that interior home renovations add market value to your home, and you will receive a return on your investment by undertaking a Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, or even a Basement Renovation when you choose the right company. At JT Braun Construction, not only do we complete the renovations, but we also do full interior renovations. If completed correctly, a home renovation can not only add market value, but it can also add sentimental value for the home owners. A home renovation will allow you to make your home truly yours, which is something that you can be proud of at the end of your project. At JT Braun Construction, we take pride in building your dreams and will help you through the renovation process every step of the way.



To optimize return on investment in your commercial project, we focus on how to improve your clients’ overall experience and satisfaction. Whether your project involves renovating/creating an office space, a strip plaza, a restaurant or other entertainment spaces, we utilize our capabilities to budget the cost and time, prepare designs compliant with building codes and regulations, obtain permits, develop schedules and reports, procure equipment and materials and execute the construction with our team. To enhance productivity and efficiency, JT Braun Construction commits itself to following the required standards, supervising the process, and reporting the progress.



If you have a new plan for your office, need to improve your space management, or don’t like the present look anymore, trust JT Braun to handle the changes professionally, at the best price and within your timelines. No task is too small for us, all assignments are given the same importance and executed with the same degree of dedication and professionalism.

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